This is what life is about. Making memories. 

My family. My why. My EVerything.

Born in Japan, raised in New Jersey (USA) and now based in Ponte Vedra, Florida .
I have been a professional photographer for 9 years. I am told I am pretty funny with my dry sense of humor and sarcasm. I love the sound of a child's belly laugh and the smell of a newborn baby. 
My superpower is to have the ability to capture the family dynamic and true character of each person. I am pretty silly myself so I am able to connect with children at all levels yet present you with timeless organic ART. 

runs on caffeine  •  loves dad jokes • obsessed with organization•Mother of 4

Hi! I'm Your AWARD-WINNING photographer KAY Kawada 

My journey into photography began after I became a mother, but the path to motherhood was not an easy one. Before I had my first-born child, I had several miscarriages. Like other expectant mothers, I eagerly awaited the life I was bringing into this world. I imagined the face of my child and dreamed about the kind of mother I will be. It was devastating to be robbed of that joy. But with the struggle, there was also a revelation - I learned how precious and vulnerable life can be and not take it for granted.
As a child, my parents did not take many photos and I wish that I have something to look back on to see the family I grew up in and the growth of my early years. It would be comforting to see the way my parents may have looked at me as a baby. Leaving legacy images for future generations not only allows people to know who you are and where you come from, but also because it connects us to the people closest to us.
After the birth of my firstborn, my heart was set on capturing and documenting my growing family’s milestones. I delved into the art of perfecting photographs that tell a story and creating heirloom prints that can be passed down to my children and beyond.
I invested in working alongside top mentors, perfecting image editing skills, as well as empowering my craft with high-end cameras and equipment. I scout the world for top-quality products to ensure the photographs I produce are archived on only the finest materials.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with many families who seek me out to produce their archival wall art and heirloom albums. Most of my clients today come from word-of-mouth, which gives me great joy in knowing that I have been able to touch lives through the services that I provide: capturing memories forever and caring for each family as if they were my own.
My business exclusively serves families who understand the lasting value of these luxurious and timeless photographs. I do not do quick photo sessions and I stand strong that looking at photos on a screen loses some of its meaning and touch. I am the right photographer for you IF you are looking for legacy creations that are captivating, thought-provoking and inspiring for the present and future.
My work is now my passion. Your family is my inspiration, and I am so thankful.

My story

"It is rare today to find professionals with true heart and talent behind every inch of their work. Our family couldn’t be happier, and we will cherish each portrait she has done for us. By far the best photographer I’ve ever used!"
 ~ Janelle Fornasier