What NOT To Wear for a Family Photo Session

April 2, 2023

Your wardrobe is a crucial part of the preparation for a successful family photo session. If you want timeless photos for your wall art or an heirloom album, there are things to avoid to get the best results.

1. Do Not War Overly Bright or Neon Colors

They draw attention away from your beautiful smiles. Unless your home is decorated in highlighters, the wall art will not look good in your home. The only time when this would work would be if it is cultural.

2. Unnecessary Characters, Logos, and Words

Unless you are doing a personal branding session for your business, do not wear clothing with huge logos. In addition, white polo shirts with khakis or blue jeans look outdated.

3. Avoid Wearing Matching Clothes for Everyone

You will look like you are in a cult. Opt for clothing in the same color palette but with different textures and forms. Your photos will have more depth, interest, and character.

4. Do Not Wear All Black

Unless everyone is going for an indoor modern photoshoot, do NOT wear all black. You will look like you are going to a funeral.

5. Pay Attention To Your Footwear.

Dirty sneakers or crocs will take away from the perfect outfit. Do not neglect your footwear. If you go barefoot, make sure it applies to where you are shooting. Barefoot is great on the beach but will look odd on the city sidewalk.

A Few More Tips To Consider Leading Up To Your Family Photo Session

  • DO NOT eat any artificial coloring drinks, or candy before the shoot. You child’s mouth and teeth will be red or blue, and that is hours of editing that you will pay extra for.
  • DO NOT feed your child or yourself with the clothes you will be photographing in. If you get a stain, that is sometimes not fixable if you have intricate patterns.
  • DO NOT dye your hair or spray tan the day before. This would make editing impossible and the result will not be ideal.
  • Pay attention to dirty fingernails for both adults and kids.
  • DO NOT pressure kids to behave or threaten them to smile before the shoot. He or she can read your energy. A good photographer will know how to make your little kiddos genuinely smile.

If you would like more information on what to wear for your family photo session, head over to my next blog here. (Insert blog link)

Here at Kawada Photography, as a part of my service, I will always go over outfit choices and prepare goody bags for your children. I go beyond merely sending a generic email with a list of items to show up with at your customized family photo session. Every family is unique and I am here to make sure we photograph the true dynamic of your family. We are based in Ponte Vedra, Florida but travel worldwide. If you would like to get to know more about me, or my business please head over here.

If you would like to book a discovery call I would love to chat here. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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