Kind Words




“Kay is not just an incredibly talent photographer. She’s also a warm and welcoming spirit who instantly put me and my baby at ease, and made us at home in her tranquil studio. Her gift lies not just in technique, but in her ability wait patiently for the perfect moment and capture the spirit of my child. As a mom herself, she really understands the bond we have with our kids and that energy leaps out of her photos. I’m so grateful for the moments she caught of my Sean and me together.” – Allyson Murphy


“I’ve never been happier with my family pictures. She took her time and we never felt rushed. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone – Kristina Shula


“My two favorite parts of our experience with Kawada Photography was the bonding with my daughter during the photoshoot and seeing the photo slide show at the reveal session.I also enjoyed receiving my high end products. My daughter wishes you were her school picture photographer.Thank you so much Kawada Photography!” – K.T.


“ The best part about having your child’s pictures taken at Kawada photography is that Kay succeeds in taking so many perfect pictures.  She captures not just a smile but all your child’s unique facial expressions that you want to remember for years to come.  She also made sure that my daughter and I were comfortable at the photo shoot. There was no rushing through the process and Kay came up with different ideas to get a smile out of my little one, which is hard when your 12 month old child is not having a great day.  The other thing is the full service she provides. From making Pinterest boards for clothes and hair ideas, to ordering the birthday cake, Kay’s detailed consultation and planning made this a great experience for a busy mom.” –Katie Novak