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Session fee includes Session + Wardrobe Consultation, planning, 1 hour In-studio or on-location shoot, hand editing, IN-PERSON reveal session and delivered/installed products.


What is a motherhood session?

Motherhood sessions are mom and baby bonding sessions. Usually feeding, holding, laughing, any sweet moments together.

I think I have post partum..What if I don’t want to be in it ?

I think it is important to have mom in the photo. To caputure how tiny baby is in your arms. We will discuss this and do only what you are comfortable with. Also, I have extensive photoshop skills where I am sure I can make any changes you feel necessary within reason.

When should I book?

These sessions are great for when you missed the newborn stage but still want a photo with your baby. However, I encourage you book in your third trimester or as soon as your baby is born. Newborn stage is considered 2 weeks new.