Red Rock Canyon Photoshoot

March 6, 2020


It is a very rare occasion that I get to travel with a good friend who is also a professional photographer. We are both busy moms of very small children and it is a huge deal to leave our family  to do our thang! Besides the fact that we went to WPPI ( Wedding and Portrait Photography International) which is one of the biggest PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOS in Las Vegas, Nevada, we took a day for ourselves  with a SUNRISE photoshoot at Red Rock Canyon. It was amazing to feel free, with the wind blowing in our face, in the Mustang convertible we were upgraded to and the fact that we can just jump into it with no diaper bags, no buckling in, no whining, and no crying, etc felt almost surreal. Was it this easy to leave when you don’t have kids? We kept on asking each other. We couldn’t believe the freedom we felt. SO, us two photog moms went out and captured some amazing photos. This was totally worth the 4 AM wake up.





Now, I am not the type that likes to be in front of the camera. In fact, I absolutely hate it. I dread it, I don’t feel comfortable. Maybe it is a generation gap, but it does take time for me to just stand there and pose by myself for a photo. I just feel stupid. Maris, my millennial friend is a pro at this. Everywhere we go, she has the perfect outfit, she is always camera ready, and she loves the camera and the camera loves her. She makes it so easy! She does look like a model after all..

As for me… she got some great shots, but I like more photos like below..

Photo taken by Maris Kirs Photography

Photo taken by Maris Kirs Photography

Photo taken by cell by Maris Kirs Photography

Photo taken by cell by Maris Kirs Photography

Photo taken by : Maris Kirs Photography

Photo taken by : Maris Kirs Photography

This is one of my 3 part blog. I just had to post the professional pictures I took of Maris! I was just so excited to show everyone !! If anyone would like any photo sessions, out in RED ROCK Canyon, Feel free to contact me. I’d love to fly out there for a session! . Are you following me? I am at IG/FB: Kawadaphotography

If you would like to follow and/or book Maris, her website is

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Let me know what you think? Leave a comment below!

Have a great day! xo K


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