Session checklist

March 9, 2020

Feel free to download the Session checklist below so you can be prepared for your session!

Just a recap of the list:


  • Make sure your nails are clean. No chipped manicures or nails with dirt under them. Neutral colors are best. Not just for you, but your children and husband also!

  • It is super important to TRY ON your clothes. Don’t assume it will fit well or it can be photo shopped. Please make sure everything is not only fitted well but pressed or ironed and hung on a hanger. For children, I recommend arriving a bit early and changing at the session.

  • Scrub off any Sticker tattoos. These look dirty and additional work to try and edit. Best to have them off.

  • Make sure your shoes are cleaned and ready to go. Some people forget to include shoes with outfit, so don’t forget to pre-plan!

  • Pack any type of props, or accessories, anything you need for the session night before. You don’t want to regret something or rush the day of.

  • Get a GOOD NIGHT’S REST!!!


  • Eat before your session and feel free to bring some snacks with NO food dye.

  • NO Artificial colored drinks or candy before session. This is something that is preventable but a LONG process to edit. Stay away from anything STAINING your teeth or SKIN.

  • Get your hair and make up done. Make sure you spray A LOT so it won’t fall apart before the session. Also make sure that it is timed so if you go over, you are NOT LATE

  • Don’t forget to google the location ahead of time. Try to make it 15 minutes early so we don’t have to rush and start on time. Sessions are time sensitive especially outdoors. Please respect the photographer’s time as well.


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