What To Wear For A Beach Photoshoot?

September 14, 2022

Start with Mom. Dresses for Mom that flow and are light-colored compliments well with a beach photoshoot. All other outfits will revolve around the color scheme and feel of Mom’s attire. Most Dads will be able to match her with a neutral button-down shirt or polo shirt.

The key is a matching color pallet but not everybody wearing the exact same color. For big families, avoid dressing all the boys in the same shirt and all the girls in the same dresses. We want texture and a slightly different shade but in the same color pallet. This is where a photographer like myself, who can differentiate which shades of color goes well together, would be able to guide you.

outfits for beach photography

My Favorite Places To Find Mom’s Outfits for a Beach Photoshoot:

1. The Baltic Born

My client closet includes many of their maternity and studio dresses. They have great quality, beautiful flow, and photographs wonderfully.

2. Morning Lavender http://morninglavender.com/discount/KawadaPhotography – discount code MLJARDIN, you receive a total
of 20% off.

Another win in my book. Great quality and photographs beautifully. Styles are elegant and flowy.

3. Anthropologie

Recently they have been over the top, but sometimes you can find really cute original pieces.

4. Vici Collection

Select pieces from Vici would work well for beach photoshoots.

5. Rent the Runway

When you can’t find anything to buy, you can always rent!

Children’s Outfits for a Beach Photoshoot

For kids, the links below are some good places to shop. Refrain from strong colors and big patterns. Textures YES! Glitter NO! Sequence NO!

And when in doubt, there is always Amazon! Make sure you order two sizes to make sure one of them fits. Allow for some grace period to make sure it will be delivered on time and also read the fine print for returns.

Lastly, Do Not Forget to Try On Your Outfits!

At Kawada Photography, we offer a client closet where you can pick out a dress or outfit for no charge. If you are in the Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine Florida area and you are ready for your customized beach photoshoot, contact me for a complimentary discovery call.


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